Kangwon Land casino, Korea Announced Extended Opening Hours

Kangwon Land casino in South Korea has just passed a press release that this casino will extend the opening time to serve again after a period of closure of the epidemic prevention. Besides, this casino also provides 20 additional tables and tables after reviving the gambling market in Korea. 

In a report from Inside Asian Gaming , Kangwon Land Inc gave a list of casino facilities with detailed records. The move aims to allow facilities in the Gangwon area to operate within a maximum of 20 hours a day. Besides, expanding 180 gaming tables to support more players in the near future.

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Coronavirus consequences:

In Korea, Kangwon Land Casino is said to be the only casino that allows travelers to wager with locals. However, the casino was also forced to close on February 23 to help combat the corona epidemic like other countries despite being 93 miles from Seoul. 

Despite being reopened, Kangwwon is still waiting for decisions from the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea. This friendly casino reopened the VIP service 11 days ago and is hoping to tap into new rights as soon as possible.
Significant influence after Covid-19

Kangwon Land Incorporated is owned by the Korean government and generates huge revenue every year. However, due to the Covid19 epidemic, the casino's closure may result in a loss of $ 218.6 million.

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Excerpt from Kangwon's report

“The operating plan due to the changed business hours and the increase in the number of general business tables will be discussed separately with the Ministry of Education.”