One of all the most popular online gambling genres today is “ Blackjack “ . The simple understanding is when you add up the card at the age of 21 . But winning will not be so easy if you don’t have to do prepare some strategies for you or have to avoid some situations where you lose and lose money . Always remember that the house will not build up to lose money . So be a wise player. 

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Surely , you are wondering what are the good strategies to capture and the bad to avoid ? Don’t worry , because the article below will answer your questions and give you tips on how to play Blackjack online best . Don’t miss good opportunities while you can seize them . 

In here we have the 3 worst Blackjack tips and the 3 best  . And add 2 more tips to help you achieve better result. golden dragon online fish table

Blackjack dealer

Top 3 Worst Blackjack Tips . 

Taking a stand : When you come the Blackjack table , you have to be a little reckless . Because some players are mentally unstable , they are afraid of drawing more cards to lose so they have to hold back when card age is not high . Remember to never when you are 12 , 13 or 14 if the dealer is holding 6 or older . If you continue like that you will surely lose a lot of money . 

Splitting 10s : First , are you looking to win ? Because your current playing style is completely wrong . Why did you draw to twenty and you want to split in two ? During the course of the gambling table some people have repeatedly this mistake . However , there are also a few players lucky , after dealing and turning them up to nineteen - twenty . So always take your chances .

Taking insurance : Today , in big casinos there are bet types like paying 4 to 3 or paying 6 to 5 . And insurance is the option for the player when the dealer has ace . If that dealt a 21 , then the player will end and break-even . And the insured will be refunded when dealer did not get the above results . This is an unfortunately strategy trick , recommend that instead of taking insurance , insure your house , insure your health … 

Surrender in Blackjack

Top 3 Best Blackjack Tips .

Splitting aces : If can be said that if splitting 10s will have bad results when you splitting aces it is a wise choice . When you splitting aces after the first draw you can choose whether to continue or stop . Continuing when you have already picked up a lot and the cards are worth ten , nine , eight , the odds will be very high . This Blackjack tips is very useful for your strategy , otherwise you will lose . The victory is definitely in the palm of your hand . 

Doubling down : For Doubling down , players have a basic strategy as well as experience , which is an advantage to choose on this table . Doubling down allows player double their bets and receive a card . In the situation you are holding 8,9,10 , if it is a smart move to double 18 ( ace-7 ) while the dealer has 5,6,7 … This is a simple Blackjack trick though . It does not have many advantages , but in the long run it will definitely have you a lot . 

Mastering basic strategy : When you really like and want to earn a few extra coins from the Blackjack table , you have to Mastering basic strategy . It is like a subject , if you want to study well , you must spend time and effort to be able to study better , as well as Blackjack . Books and websites about Blackjack are very much , you should read and learn the basics of gambling . The Mastering basic strategy is considered best because it can reduce the casino’s advantage 0.5 percent . It’s as simple as that , but it can help you turn from a failed night into a successful night .

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Bonus : 2 More Best Blackjack tips .

Have a plan : Watching a gambling game like your business try , plan for it and the right amount to pay for it . This is also a good trick to play Blackjack . As a smart player know how to stop the right time or turn off your computer immediately . 

Don’t go cocktail crazy : Everyone likes to have fun in busy places , such as casino nights , free drinks … Don’t drinks too much , you will probably lose more money . When you play online too , don’t go too much into Bud Light in the recliner . 


If you are a new player who is not prepared , hope this article will help you with some of the best and worst Blackjack tips . Please refer to and learn from your experience . Here are some reputable blackjack : Cashbet168 online casino Singapore .. Be a wise gambler . Good luck .